A new documentary film project is underway for 2011 that will capture the changing face of HIV/AIDS in our time.

Why Reignite?

At the heart of The Reignite Project is the urgent need to communicate how we are all affected by HIV/AIDS. No longer the hot topic in mainstream attention that it once was, an understanding of the ongoing risk of HIV/AIDS today must be renewed, while stigma and discrimination must be extinguished – forever.

This documentary will illuminate the diverse realities of people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as their loved ones, researchers, activists and others. Chronicled by some of Canada's foremost filmmakers, these "lifelines" will reflect the diversity and determination of those in the HIV/AIDS community and work to reignite the movement for today.

Presented by the Canadian AIDS Society, the film will premiere on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2011, but there's a lot of work to be done before then!

In the meantime, keep watching this website for the latest info on upcoming events, behind-the-scenes updates, blog postings from the filmmakers and others involved in its production, and to make your own contribution.

Reignite starts with you

Want to contribute? You can help make The Reignite Project possible with a donation to the Canadian AIDS Society.

It’s time!

We can stick our heads in the sand and hope, but inaction never changes anything for the better. HIV/AIDS is not going away – at least not soon. And it’s time for complacency to end.

At The Reignite Project, we’re not researchers, scientists or healthcare professionals. We’re filmmakers, advocates, human beings… We’ve all been touched by HIV/AIDS – and so have you. We’re working together to bring to attention the diverse experiences of people living with HIV, to heighten understanding of the ongoing risks, and to put an end to stigma.

Here’s where the conversation starts.

In this space, you’ll hear from the people who are working to reignite awareness through our documentary. Soon, we hope to have commenting, so you can participate right here. In the meantime, connect with The Reignite Project on Twitter, Facebook®, LinkedIn®.

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